Hidden Beds

Folding beds

Same space, with more versatility!

Beds in rooms and bedrooms

For the extra need to host a guest with host honor, with versatile ability to arrange a comfortable room.

Moveis Simões manufactures beds integrated in the furniture, they are simple opening, aiming to get the extra room in just 5 seconds.

Its housing has limitations of space and partitions, we have tailor made solutions with a good functionality. You can optimize the space for single or double, according to your needs.

It is a viable solution for all kinds of space, from the smallest apartments to the family home with the largest family, a friendly way to unite friends, family or holiday homes.

Folding beds in offices

The office can also accommodate a bed that occupies the same space as a bookcase, wardrobe or wall.

Being hidden inside the shelves, wardrobes or walls hidden in a discreet way and without disturbing the existing space.The children are getting young and build their life leaving vacant rooms.

You can convert it into a multifunctional office able to receive family and friends.You can fill out the form by clicking on the “ASK FOT BUDGET” button, please kindly detail your needs.

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